10 tips for sending Christmas cards

August 25, 2019

Christmas and New Year is the time when companies wish their clients and partners many blessings and happiness and thank them for cooperation in the outgoing year. Most companies want to be courteous, but also use it as a great opportunity to keep and create relations.

Sending cards is a lovely way to show that you care, while, at the same, it reminds of your business or services that will play an important role when it comes to choosing partners for cooperation next year.

If sending Christmas wishes is a good way to reach your clients and for networking, it is still worth considering how and what to send so that it would highlight your company.

Assistly’s virtual assistants bring out ten major points to be followed when sending cards out, so that all wishes would result in a positive impact in the future.

1. Add a personal message
Show the client/ partners that you value the cooperation with them. Add wishes and a recipient in handwriting or note your name and signature.

2. Check spelling
Take a minute to check if names of a person and a firm are correct. Misspelled name leaves a really bad impression.

3. Be respectful
Not everyone shares the same views, therefore you might better avoid religious aspects on the card. Instead, the card with angels you could choose, e.g. image of snowmen. Stick to neutral wishes.

4.Cards with marketing content is not a good idea
Better send Christmas Wishes and a celebratory offer as a separate letter

5. You may make card personalized
Cards from shops or e-cards from the Internet are very nice, though you could weigh a tailored card with the company’s logo, homepage, address, or create a card in the firm’s colors.

6. You ought to prefer the quality cards
When sending cards by post, avoid cards which look cheap. For e-card, look for a good resolution and quality.

7. Avoid funny and ambiguous cards
The safer way is to stick with traditional cards. A card which seems to be funny may insult a recipient.

8. Send early
Consider the time it takes to post and deliver cards. It is nice if a card is received before Christmas.

9. Think thoroughly who you want to send cards out
Before sending the cards out think about persons you are going to wish joy and happiness. Makes no sense sending a card to the CEO you have never met in person. If there are plenty of persons who you want to greet in one firm, the card should be sent to the company name.

10. Check facts
Send a card to client partner’s company address not home address.

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