3 Ways How to Get Boring or Mundane Tasks Done

January 12, 2020

Invoicing, answering emails, data entry… Our workdays are often crammed with repetitive and mundane tasks. For example, a survey in USA concluded that the 5 most boring tasks at work are: invoicing, inventory, parts ordering, supplies ordering, posting open job ads on job sites. Although all of these chores contribute to a bigger goal, it is hard to stay motivated at your job while doing these. In this blogpost we will try to give out some tips how to make mundane tasks bearable.

Plan it!

Time management is difficult, but the right schedule is indispensable for making boring assignments easier. Scheduling an exact time for a job really helps to keep it stress-free. For example, you can decide that you will do invoicing only once a week on Wednesdays. In that way you have a clear deadline and can forget about that task for the rest of the week.

Sometimes thinking about a task is harder than completing it. Procrastination and the guilt of postponing a boring job is familiar to most of us. What we seem to forget is that just thinking about the chores consumes our energy and stresses us out. Therefore, if you feel you need to get something done, do it right away!  

The more mundane tasks pile up, the harder it is to start completing them. Because of that, postponing tasks is never a great idea. If something needs to be done, just get it over with and do not risk getting stressed out and short of time.    

Organize and delegate!

There are more and more online tools that simplify your work. Even free Gmail has set up smart replies and labels. There are different software programmes to automate invoicing or bookkeeping and plan time. Business Management software like Scoro or Standard Books organizes invoices, statistics, CRM, invoicing, budgeting all in one place to give an overview of all processes in the firm.  

It is always worth to make an audit on all the tasks that need to be done. Maybe the number of mundane tasks just seems big? Maybe something can be reorganized? Can some boring tasks be done with other, more pleasurable ones (the sandwich method)?  Moreover, maybe it is possible to delegate some of the tasks? In some cases, it is worth hiring a virtual assistant.A virtual assistant is paid by hour and can be hired to complete as many tasks as needed. Some examples of tasks that can be delegated to a virtual assistant:

  • Answering emails and inquiries
  • Organizing meetings and trips
  • CRM
  • Data entry
  • Records management
  • Contracts
  • Assisting bookkeeping
  • Sending corporate gifts
  • Managing e-shops

Contact here for hiring a virtual assistant.

Make mundane tasks fun!

Gamification is the application of game elements to other areas. Competing with workmates, setting time limits, challenging yourself - all these things can be used to make uninteresting chores more exciting. Competing with colleagues for the best results or just giving yourself a deadline can motivate getting mundane tasks done fast and well. Moreover, every good competition has a prize. The prize can be a gift, a token of appreciation, extra pay or free time but also just knowing that the assignment is done.  

You can also try to make your work conditions more enjoyable. “Fusing” is a method where long-term achievements are combined with short-term rewards. Listening to music or working in a nice café are prime examples of this principle. It is surprising how a change in time, location or even office furniture can change the mood and make boring tasks easier to complete!  

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