Corporate Christmas Gifts: Creative Last Minute Ideas

December 16, 2019

Corporate gifts for Christmas, greetings and cards – remembering your business partners during the holiday season is very important. A personal touch is especially important in times that most of our communication is done via email. Whether you have a big business or a one-man enterprise – sending Christmas greetings is an easy way to remind yourself to business partners and clients and make them feel valued.    

There are many different types of Christmas business gifts and greetings available. Many companies plan gifts far ahead and have special presents with company logos. This solution looks very professional and will probably cost quite a lot of money. But it is definitely not the only way to go. Sometimes a simple original idea or a jar with homemade jam and a warm personal visit can leave a far more lasting emotion than just a very expensive gadget.


Christmas Cards are a simple and classical choice for corporate holiday greetings. You can find tips about sending Christmas cards in one of our previous blog post: “10 Tips for Sending Christmas Cards”. It is very easy to add a personalized handwritten message on a card. Since people do not get many letters by post nowadays, getting something in the postbox can be quite exciting.  


Christmas cards: e-card. Although an e-card might seem like a lazy choice, it can be done very professionally. A special illustration or even animation can be rememberable and show that the company has invested in the card. With little modifications the same card can also be addressed to clients.


If you don’t have much time and money to spend on Christmas business gifts then a simple attached Christmas card is definitely the way to go. With the help of easy drag-and-drop design tools like Canva almost anyone can make a creative Christmas card in a matter of minutes! Just pick a template, change some text and add a company logo!  


We live in a time when everybody has a video and photo camera –their smartphone. This gives one many interesting options for company Christmas greetings. Why not pose in ugly Christmas cardigans with the whole team? Whynot make a video where you all sing Christmas carols? There are even apps that can add Santa hats to everybody on the picture! If the team does not want to pose, then maybe you have an office dog or a cat that you could make a cute picture of? There are endless possibilities to make cards fun and interesting!


Corporate gifts and gift cards are a speciality of many companies. You can contact them and find out if they have some last-minute business presents ready in their storage. You can also consider giving a gift card or a voucher to your business partners. A massage,ticket to an event or an extreme experience – a gift voucher can be a very original choice. Never forget to add a personalized text with the gift card!


Food is always a good option as a business gift for Christmas since it can be consumed together in the team and will definitely be used. Many shops have special Christmas gift baskets. There are also many companies that just send their own products in a special packaging or with a funny label. This works well for food companies but it can also be used by e.g.a chemicals company if they can be sure that their partners share their sense of humor. The best gifts are funny and original but always keep in mind that taste is very different!

A donation behalf of the company as a corporate gift. The biggest trend in marketing lately is responsibility. Peoplevalue brands, that in addition to providing their service, look ways to improve our societies and solve important problems. Christmas is a time for giving, soit is especially actual to consider doing some charity instead of expensive corporate Christmas gifts. For example, you can send your partners an e-card that wishes them happy holidays and says how your company is contributing to a charity (instead of corporate gifts).  


Whether you order special and original business gifts from a specialized company or just write a few lines of greetings to your partners – Christmas greetings and gifts are vital for building strong relationships with your partners and keep them going strong next year. It is never too late to get greetings on the way! Giving business gifts is not as hard as it might sometimes seem and in the end: giving a gift is always memorable both for the receiver and giver!



Need any help with finding and ordering Christmas business gifts? You do not have any time to organize it? Contact us and we will help you with the whole process: ordering, packing and sending!

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