Coworking space

August 25, 2019

Coworkingspaces have been gaining in popularity for quite a long time around the world,and now also in Estonia. They are used by many young entrepreneurial individuals.Their great advantage is the fact that there are no fixed monthly costs, whileat the same time it is possible to rent a workspace—a desk and computermonitor—and be surrounded by other entrepreneurs, many of whom come fromentirely different fields. In addition, it is possible to rent meeting rooms,whether for discussions with business partners or meetings with clients.

Coworkingspaces often also host events where experiences and advice are shared, as wellas successes and failures related to various business sectors. These storiesprovide great inspiration for start-up entrepreneurs. Besides knowledge,coworking spaces allow you to build up a very wide network of potential futurepartners, as great emphasis is placed on establishing relationships and contacts.

One of the most modern and thoughtful coworking spaces is Spring Hub, on Pärnu mnt , which is also a partner of Assistly. Spring Hub puts emphasis on productivity and has everything necessary for efficient work: 150 work stations spread between a quiet workroom and a team area, 7 meeting rooms with videoconferencing equipment, and 11 sound-proof phone booths. In addition to an efficient working environment, Spring Hub has a dedicated and supportive community of entrepreneurial people. These include small business owners, e-residents, freelancers and start-ups, who create contacts and share experiences at community lunches, networking events and seminars.

Read moreabout the services and facilities offered by Spring Hub here:

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