How to Keep your Business Running Smoothly During the Holiday Season? Managing Staffing During the Holiday Season.

August 25, 2019

Managing staffing during the holiday season can be nerve-wracking. Summer in Estonia is a time for holidays and business can be slow. Therefore, there are many industries where the absence of one or team members will not be a big problem. On the other hand, there are plenty of companies that are busy all year round and missing a key employee can cause many problems. In this article, we will discuss 3 ways to solve staffing problems during the holiday season.

1.     Divide the work among the team!

As a common practice, when someone goes on a holiday his/her tasks are divided amongst the team. This seems the easiest and quickest way to make sure everything gets done. In reality, it is often ineffective and in smaller teams, not even possible. Holidaying colleague’s emails and tasks can flood the inbox of co-workers and in the end, the quality of work can deteriorate. Moreover, it can be hard to motivate the team to take on extra work.

2.     Find a temp!

Hiring a temporary worker is the bestoption for many positions. Some easier tasks can be taught quickly and they donot need any special previous skills. Also, in a small and flexible team taskscan be divided so the temp will do all the simpler tasks as other employeestake on more complicated jobs.

You can recruit temporary workers with the help of job portals or sites like GoWorkaBit that are made especially for hiring temps. A lot of people are looking for extra work or do not see short-term contracts as a problem. Summertime is also free for many students who are very interested in trying out a theory in practice.

A forward-looking manager should definitely consider setting up an internship program or promoting someone from inside the team.

  • Interns are usually very motivated to gain new skills and knowledge. They are young and can bring fresh ideas to the organization. An intern can also become a new rising star in your team. Although interns can be very beneficial to the company, they also need guidance and supervision.
  • A lower position worker (who is easier to substitute) can become an excellent fill in for the time of vacations. Maybe you already have someone in the company (maybe it is another department or a section) that knows the company well and is eager to succeed? A person like that is definitely easier to teach and he or she can help the company out also in the future.

Finding a new employee is still usually nerve-wracking and costly. Adding the listing to job portals is expensive and hiring someone new raises the cost of payroll. Moreover, you can never be too sure how much a substitute is actually needed for that period of time (how many orders are made, etc) yet you have to pay according to the hours and rates of the contract.

3.     Find someone who would just do the tasks. Hire a virtual assistant!

The easiest way to manage staffing is to not look for a temporaryworker at all but to hire a firm to do the work for you. Answering emails or phonecalls, making invoices, keeping the books – there are so many tasks that caneasily be done by a professional assistant. Even though we are used to the ideathat some tasks have to be done by hired people physically sitting in anoffice, that is really not the case!

Read the list of 25 daily tasks to delegate to a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant works according to your needs and gets paid by the tasks done. There is no need to worry about schedules and the time-consumingrecruitment process – you just need to contact an agency. Moreover, it willsave you from the headache and worry of teaching and instructing a temporaryworker – with a skilled and experienced virtual assistant you can be sure thatthe work gets well done!

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