Online Store Creation for Beginners: How to Get Your Online Shop Up and Running Fast?

March 30, 2020

Opening an online store in Estonia is not difficult or expensive. With a little bit of work and maybe some help, you can get your online store up and running in no time. Here is a short guide to get you started!

Step 1: Find the best eCommerce solution for you!

Thankfully you do not have to start from scratch. There are many eCommerce solutions that can be personalized for your needs. You just have to pick the most suitable template and customize it for your company. If you are not planning a very big shop, you can try online store platforms from Estonia:  and In case you already have a website in Wordpress, you can use: There are many different online store providers, just choose one that best suits your needs in terms of design and pricing.

If you already have a brand and a logo,use these in the design of your shop. If you do not have a logo yet, order one easily from a freelancer or use a logo generator like:


Step 2: Add the products!

An online store is a lot like a brick and mortar store, but the customers cannot touch the products on sale. Therefore, adding quality pictures and good descriptions to your product pages is truly a must.  In many cases, this is the most time-consuming part of setting up an online store. The good thing is, it is also the easiest task to delegate  

Instead of spending hours on loading up pictures, checking product data and writing texts, find someone who can help you with that. One option is to hire a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is just like a usual assistant but he/she works virtually as a service provider and you pay only for the work done. After you have your shop up and running, the same assistant can also answer customer emails or manage the shop if anything needs to be changed.  Most virtual assistants have worked with many different projects and firms, so onboarding them is very easy.


Step 3: Test!

Now that the shop is almost ready, try to use it like you would be a customer. Do you find everything you need? Can you spot the contact information? Make sure your menu and product categories are easy to use and understand. Think of thew hole customer journey and make sure you have everything set up for managing orders and your warehouse is well-organized.


Step4: Tell the world!

There are so many online stores and unfortunately just setting up a shop online, does not mean that people will find your page. Advertise your new online shop in social media and use Google AdWords. If you already have a brick and mortar store, put info up there.  

Stores are usually built in a place that is easy for people to spot. In the same way,an online store should be easily found in Google. Search Engine Optimization is very important so that people would end up in your store just by searching for something on the net. Make sure your texts have the right keywords and that your shop is easy to navigate! Copywriting and marketing are also very easy to delegate to an agency or a virtual assistant. At first, it might seem cheaper to do everything yourself but in the end of the day, your time is also very expensive. Getting some help saves your valuable time!


It is not hard to set up an online store but adding products and thinking it all through can take some time. The great thing is that you can have a shop running even if you have added only one product to your page. There is always time for improvement! If you feel that something could be delegated, do not hesitate to find help. With a little help you can create your online store fast and effectively!

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