Personal assistant in Estonia: helping you focus on your goals!

July 14, 2020

A personal assistant service in Estonia is not very common. What can a personal assistant help you with? What tasks can an assistant do for you? Here are some examples of what our personal assistants can help you with. Note that, as with all other Assistly services, the service is tailored to our customer needs, so this list is not complete!


House sitting


People who travel often need someone to look after their home while they are away. Although, relatives and friends are usually happy to help with these tasks, they cannot always help. Therefore, it is very important for someone who has to travel a lot, that there is a trusted person to take care of watering the plants, checking the mailbox or just looking after the house. With the help of a personal assistant you can be sure to arrive in a welcoming home!  


Daily communication

A personal assistant can communicate with business partners, lawyers and other third parties. An assistant can read documents, answer emails, make briefs or memos. Although, a personal assistant is not a lawyer, he can represent you in business dealings in Estonia to make sure your business needs and all the details are taken care of.


Flowers, gifts, surprises

Buying the right gift for a business partner or surprising your loved-one with a special romantic dinner needs planning and time. A personal assistant can take care of all the details when it comes to gifts or organizing surprises.

Planning business trips

Planning business trips takes time and effort. Not only do you need to book plane and ferry tickets, but also take care of the car-rental, accommodation,travel Insurance and agenda. Do you want to have a very smooth and quick business trip? Would you like to see some local landmarks and visit some local restaurants? Maybe you want to continue your business trip with an adventure in the nature? A personal assistant can plan your travel complete with agenda and bookings exactly according to your needs and interests.

Finding a babysitter, tutor or a helper in Estonia

It is hard to trust a stranger in your home. A personal assistant can help you find a trustworthy tutor, babysitter, cleaning service or a gardener in Tallinn and all Estonia. They will put up an add, interview the candidates but also call previous employers and check the background of the candidate from official sources. If you have an old relative or someone you have to take care of, they can help you find in-house help and check that all is taken care of.

Organizing private parties and events

Organizing a birthday party or a celebration is a lot of work. Every party needs someone to order the food, hire the band and make sure that everything is going according to plan during the event. It happens a lot that the party organizer cannot enjoy the event himself because he or she has to take care of everything. Therefore, it is a great idea to hire a personal assistant to organize the event, send out invitations and take care that everything is going according to plan during the event. That way you are sure to enjoy your party!

In conclusion, a personal assistant in Estonia can help you with many different tasks. Most of these would take a lotof your time and need a lot of attention to detail. Therefore, it is definitely better to give these to a personal assistant and free up your own time so youcan concentrate on bigger questions and topic important for growing your business.



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