Virtual or real assistant?

August 25, 2019

In recent years, the virtual assistant service is gaining popularity in Estonia as well. A virtual assistant will do the same tasks as a secretary, but the virtual assistant will work as a remote worker. Also she will submit an invoice to the contractor according to the amount of work done. The hired assistant must be paid monthly salary plus additional fee. Ensured a workplace and work equipment.

When a company has reached a stage of higher workload and the general manager additional help, the question could be raised, whether to hire a secretary or outsource a virtual assistant. Assistly points out a few key elements, which may make it easier to decide.

Virtual assistant
* Suitable for a start-up or a small company
* There are not enough tasks for a full- or part-time secretary (less than 40 hours a week)
* There is an additional task but no resources for doing it and also its not reasonable to hire a new employee
* Need for assistance for project-based work
* The company doesn’t have an office and doesn’t want to buy work equipment
* Need for flexible work time

+ Pay only for the work done (no lunch or coffee brakes included)
+ No employment tax costs (social tax)
+ No need for an office or work equipment

– Communication is mainly via email or phone.
– It should be taken into account that the virtual assistant has other clients and may not always answer immediately

Hired secretary/ assistant
* You need full-time assistant
* It is necessary that someone is in the office (welcome clients, phone calls etc.)
* It’s necessary for personal communication to delegate tasks

+ Assistant is in the office
+ Assistant is doing only Your tasks
+ Personal communication

– You need a replacement when the assistant is on vacation or on sick leave
– When the employee quits, there are extra cost for finding a new employee
– When there’s not enough work for the full eight hours per day, you would still need to pay for the full day.

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