What Are All the Things Assistly Virtual Assistants Can Help Your Business with?

March 9, 2020

Assitly is a virtual assistant service based in Estonia that is designed to help your company in any need. Does not matter if you need administrative help or need to plan an event: we have people to help you out. Since there are many different things we offer, we decided to give a quick overview in this post.


Tedious administrative tasks: we got you

A virtual assistant is a great help to get all those tedious tasks done. Emails, invoicing, customer service, sales and purchase, setting up meetings and making reports - all the usual stuff that assistants do, can also be done by a virtual assistant. The difference is: a virtual assistant works in a separate office with his/her own tools and you have to only pay for the work done!


Organizing events: from conference visits to parties

Assitly can help you with your trips and events. We are happy to book tickets and accommodation, make plans or reports and even find the best places to eat in town!


We are also experienced in organizing events for companies. Whether it is your company Christmas party or a presentation for partners we can help you with sending out invites, collecting invites, sending inquiries but also be a helping hand on spot checking that all the guests are feeling great and everything is in order. We also have a database of different catering services,room rentals, artists, party supply providers – so we can help out with planning a great event.


Assistly can also assist company events such as summer days or conferences. You can tell us what sort of a day you would like to have, and what are the activities you would like to have and we will put it together!


Bookkeeping in Estonia and abroad: get it done with less fuss

Do you need to submit your company’s annual report? Have you started a business in Estonia but you are not sure how to get all the bookkeeping documents done? Are you trading internationally and unsure of taxation? Maybe bookkeeping is just not your cup of tea? Don’t worry, our bookkeeper is happy to answer your questions and solve any problems you have.Since in Assistly we work on an hourly basis, it is a great option if you have a small business or have only a few things you need sorted. But of course, we are happy to help all big clients with our expertise too.


Marketing and communications: essential to every company

Many managers find marketing to be very important but seldom find time to focus on it. Assistly virtual assistants have experience in many aspects of marketing: from making simple social media posts and creating special content to redesigning webpages and planning campaigns. Assistly can help you launch your new company or product, assist with creating marketing materials, writing articles or blogs or finding new cooperation partners.


This is a short description about all the things we can do in Assistly. Just be aware that this list is not conclusive. We have hidden talents but we are also very good at finding the right person for whatever task you need done!

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