Work from Home – Our Team’s Tips and Tricks

March 15, 2020

Some people love working from home. It is a nice change from a day in the office. It can be much easier to concentrate in the peace and quiet of your own home without any disturbances from colleagues or the work environment. At the same time, working from home needs a lot of self-motivation.  There are many distractions at home: family members, the fridge, the bed, social media and tvto name a few. In this blogpost we give out some tips how to work from home efficiently.


Stick to a daily routine!

A recent study found that the hardest thing for remote workers is unplugging from work. Usually we take a commute to the office, work and come back home in the evening. While working from home yourhouse becomes an office and a home at the same time. Therefore, even if you are working from home, try to stick to a routine. Start your day on time and finish your work on time. Maybe even change clothes for the work hours. That way you are sure to concentrate on work.


Make yourself a workspace

We work better if our workspace is comfortable. Instead of writing emails on the couch, make yourself a nice office space with a chair and a desk. If you do not have a home office, use the kitchen table, a cupboard or a shelf. Creating a designated work area is also good if you have family around. Sitting down at your desk gives them a clear signal that you are working and should not be bothered. After the workday is done, you can close your computer, retire on the couch and in that way take a step from your work life to your private life.


Let your team know what you are doing!

Managing teams that are not in the same location can seem difficult. Just like sometimes in the office people take breaks or go and get some coffee, people at home do not always have to be at their computers. The most important thing is to get the work done! Find a way to let your bosses know what you are up to, set up specific goals and tracking for the team. If needed, have short virtual meetings or chats. Keeping everybody in the loop will keep your team motivated and up to date on everybody’s progress.


Force social collisions!

One of the main things that make remote work so hard is loneliness. People are often used to socializing during the work day and it can be hard to work alone. To stay positive and motivated,force social interactions. Look for ways to talk with your teammates and business partners. Instead of emailing your colleague, you can call him and also ask about his day. Instead of working alone on a hard project, you can brainstorm together with your workmates using a video chat or collaboration tools.  


Tricks to get work done when it is hard to concentrate:

·        Gamification. Sometimes it is hard to motivate yourself to do a boring task. One of the tricks to use in this case is timing. Set a time span or make a competition with yourself for getting this task done. Hearing the time ticking helps very well with concentration!

·        Have fun! When working from home you can do many things that would not be possible in the office. Listening to your favourite music, wearing woollen socks or dancing around your living room between sending emails. Working from home can be very enjoyable!

·        Reward yourself! Our brain really likes rewards. Think of a prize you will get after getting a task done.PS! Don’t cheat!

·        Talk with workmates. Knowing that you are working as a team, can be a huge motivator. If possible, work together with your team, it is always more fun like that!

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