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Who we are

Assistly is the workplace of smart and helpful assistants located in the tech and business friendly capital of Estonia, Tallinn.

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What we do

Our virtual assistants are able to help you with various tasks of your business. With flexible rates and pay by hour option, we help you move your business to another level.

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Latest blog posts

3 Ways How to Get Boring or Mundane Tasks Done
Jan 12, 2020

Invoicing, answering emails, data entry… Our workdays are often crammed with repetitive and mundane tasks. For example, a survey in USA concluded that the 5 most boring tasks at work are: invoicing, inventory, parts ordering, supplies ordering, posting open job ads on job sites. Although all of these chores contribute to a bigger goal, it is hard to stay motivated at your job while doing these. In this blogpost we will try to give out some tips how to make mundane tasks bearable.

Corporate Christmas Gifts: Creative Last Minute Ideas
Dec 16, 2019

Corporate gifts for Christmas, greetings and cards – remembering your business partners during the holiday season is very important. A personal touch is especially important in times that most of our communication is done via email. Whether you have a big business or a one-man enterprise – sending Christmas greetings is an easy way to remind yourself to business partners and clients and make them feel valued.

Understanding GDPR
Aug 31, 2019

The main aims of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation are to ensure the personal data of European Union “Data subjects” is better protected and to increase the rights of EU data subjects over their personal data.


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